ISSN 1300-0578
Volume : 27 Issue : 4 Year : 2019
Journal of Anesthesia JARSS: 27 (4)

Volume: 27  Issue: 4 - 2019


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3.Journals and Congresses in The Sharıng of Unıversal Scıence
F. Yeşim Gökce Kutsal
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.50479  Pages 235 - 244

4.The Relationship Between Positive Fluid Balance and Mortality in Septic Shock
Esra Çakir, Ahmet Bindal, Nevzat Mehmet Mutlu, Pakize Özçiftci Yılmaz, Cihangir Doğu, Işıl Özkoçak Turan
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.96168  Pages 245 - 250

5.Can Perfusion Index or Pleth Variability Index Predict Spinal Anesthesia Induced Hypotension During Caesarean Section?
Mahmut Arslan, Gözen Öksüz, Bora Bilal, Cengizhan Yavuz, Mehmet Kandilcik, Adem Doğaner, Feyza Çalışır
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.69775  Pages 251 - 257

6.Evaluation of the Attitudes of Anesthesiologists to the use of Clinical Ultrasonography
Fatma Kavak Akelma, Savas Altinsoy, İlkay Baran Akkuş, Hilal Aslan, Julide Ergil
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.79188  Pages 258 - 264

7.Cost Analysis According to Diagnosis in Tertiary Care Patients in a University Hospital
Kevser Peker
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.98852  Pages 265 - 271

8.The Effects of Adding Opioids to Anaesthesia on the Recovery of Patients with Gynaecological Cancer Receiving Brachytherapy
Güldeniz Argun, Sinem Gevenkiriş, Süheyla Ünver
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.63308  Pages 272 - 276

9.Intraoperative Mechanical Ventilation Strategies in Newborns and Children: A National Survey
Zehra Hatipoğlu, Oya H. Yüregir, Dilek Ozcengiz
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.81994  Pages 277 - 284

10.Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Block for Postoperative Analgesia After Laparascopic Cholecystectomy, a Retrospective Study
Ferda Yaman, Gökhan Karaca, Selim Çolak, Gökay Ateş, Faruk Pehlivanlı, Işın Gençay, Gülçin Aydın
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.83584  Pages 285 - 290

11.Comparison of the Error Rates of an Anesthesiologist and Surgeon in Estimating Perioperative Blood Loss in Major Orthopedic Surgeries: Clinical Observational Study
Nureddin Yüzkat, Celaleddin Soyalp, Nurçin Gülhas
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.28290  Pages 291 - 297

12.Comparison of Two Peripheral Block Methods For Position Pain in Femoral Neck Fractures
Hidayet Ünal, Semih Başkan, Fahri Acar, İsmail Aytaç
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.39306  Pages 298 - 303

13.Diagnosis and Treatment of Tracheoesophageal Fistula in Tetraplegic-Ventilator Dependent Patient, Case Report
Fatma Ozkan Sipahioglu, Mehmet Murat Sayın
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.51523  Pages 304 - 307

14.Postdural Puncture Headache in Multiple Sclerosis; What shall we do now?
Zuhal Çavuş, Nilufer Coskun
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.86580  Pages 308 - 310

15.Anesthesia Management in Omphalopagus Type Conjoined Twins: A Case Report
Aydın Mermer, Yasin Tire, İbrahim Akkoyun
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.64936  Pages 311 - 314

16.Letter to the editor: Mean Platelet Volume May Not be a Predictive Marker for Mortality in Post Cardiac Arrest Patients Undergoing Targeted Temperature Management
Cengiz Beyan, Esin Beyan
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2019.87487  Pages 315 - 316
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Page 5000
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